Annapurna and Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake (4920m), the literal highest lake of the world and massif Annapurna offer you wonderful trip to explore your dreams and view the idyllic region of Nepal. If you love adventure trip definitely you should not miss opportunity. You can enjoy the view of beautiful Himalayan peaks like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Nilgiri, Machhapuchre and also can visit sacred pilgrimage site called Muktinath and several Gompas. Not only this, you can also explore the isolated villages of Tibetan culture; Ghyaru, Ngawal and enjoy the marvelous view after reaching in Poon Hill.  Our entire journey will be peaceful, invigorating and self-realization. You will surely forget all your exhaustion, after reaching to our destination.  

This 23 days magnificent trip will make your journey indelible throughout the life. Our journey begins from Kathmandu; spend a night before embedding all the panoramic views. From your arrival at the airport, until your departure, we will guide you around here.

Solu-Pikey Trek

This trek lies in the heart of Solu region and this is the one of the easy trek which offers us views of the Mt. Everest with other many high Himalayas. This original route marked by Buddhism allows the meeting of villages and Sherpa culture and takes place between rice fields, bamboo forests and giant rhododendrons. This region preserves from tourism. This unique circuit off the tourist trail will allow you to discover authentic Nepal. You will walk from Sherpa villages to Sherpa villages in the Solu region. ¤ Mountain and forest landscapes, rhododendrons in bloom in spring. You will live an extraordinary experience by staying with the locals and sharing their daily life and their cuisine based on local and varied products. We can visit several ancient Buddhist monasteries which stand on the mountainside. In this region we can discover Sherpa cultures and excellent landscapes. As close as possible to the Sherpa, Tamang, Newar populations, you enter the Buddhist and Hindu cultures in an atmosphere of conviviality and sharing. This trip will satisfy “Nomad” travelers, from the hardened walker to the passionate of civilizations and landscapes, as well as all those who wish to exchange with the Himalayan people.

Kathmandu Valley Trek

This hike is a gentle approach to the sacred Buddhist and Hindu places in the Kathmandu Valley. The most complete trip to discover the mythical valley and its many legendary sites such as Boudhanath, Bhaktapur, Panauti, Patan, Kirtipur and Namobudha. And also, the meeting of various ethnic groups Tamang, Brahmin, Newar, crossing their villages on the hills carved by rice fields or, small towns with red brick houses and richly carved windows. Each evening you will stay in charming hotels for comfort, their Nepalese architecture and their warm welcome.

Kathmandu-Lumbini Tour

This trek offers you to explore some of the best places of Kathmandu valley and the suggested trekking package also allow you to see magnificent views of mountains. Our immersion in Nepal begins in the Kathmandu valley. In valley we will visit numbers of Hindu’s pilgrim’s sites as well as Buddhist also. Three ancient majestic cities, we switch to the Hindu universe by discovering Pashupatinath, ma site dating from the 12th century, a cremation site dedicated to Shiva. The magnificent temple was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Bhaktapur with medieval looks, the most beautiful of the three imperial cities of the valley. We then take the direction of Pokhara for a short trek through the Nepalese villages huddled at the foot of the Machapuchare, before leaving to explore the Terai. We visit Tansen, stronghold of the Ranas dynasty, and Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. Radical change of scenery in the heart of the Chitwan national park with a Kipling jungle atmosphere, which we discover on foot, by canoe and on the back of an elephant, in search of rhinos and tigers.

Upper Dolpa to Lower Mustang

Journey from Dolpa to Mustang is one of the adventurous and long trip in Nepal among others which needs two domestic flights to join Dolpo likewise, two others to leave Mustang. Both these places are popular in religious and cultural point of view. You will find Bon and Tibetan Buddhism with Mani walls and peace flag  also represents religion and culture. While crossing from Dolpo to Mustang, you will see the panorama of the whole valley of Kali Gandaki, meadows, yak caravans; loads with wood, rice or lentils which will make your journey mesmerizing.  Dolpa and Mustang are not only reach in culture and religion but also rich in natural beauty. You can exlpore panoramic view of landscapes along the dazzling glaciers, lakes, snowcapped mountains, and charming faces of Himalayas. The trek will be 31 days long, and will be tiring and arduous. However, it will all be worthless when you reach in your destination with enjoying nature. The entire journey will be adventure, excitement and self-realization with exotic scenery. We assure you that trek from Dolpo to Mustang will be unforgettable journey in your life.

Tarap Valley and Phoksundo Lake

Dolpo is a region of Tibetan culture of very isolated Bonpo religion in Nepalese territory, cut off from Tibet and Mustang by high passes. These mythical high valleys were long forbidden to foreigners. Their trails were covered by caravans of yaks, as they still traded salt from Tibet for spices and cereals of the middle valleys. Nowadays the rush for the harvest of Yarsagumba – caterpillar parasitized by a fungus – with aphrodisiac virtues in Chinese medicine – to supplant these ancestral activities. Apart from two high passes over 5,000m, this trip will culminate in the discovery of the Tarap Valley and the turquoise waters of Lake Phoksumdo, part of the famous film by Eric Valli “Himalayas the childhood of a chef”.


Mustang is a region located in the northeast of Nepal. It is a historic territory whose capital is Lo-Mathang. The kingdom of Mustang had been closed to foreigners for a long time, now it is one of the top 10 treks to do absolutely in Nepal which was opened in from 1992AD for the foreigners. In the beginning, only a few hundred visitors were allowed per year. Trekking in an unknown Mustang with centuries-old Tibetan culture and rich in colors and encounters to the local people and their daily life style.

The Mustang region, located in the North West of Nepal, offers a dazzling trek through these contrasting landscapes composed of arid and desert lands, surrounded by snow-capped peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Massifs who are more than 8000m. Going up the Kali Gandaki River, we will gradually cross 4 culminating passes at more than 4000m for a slow acclimatization and we will marvel at the authenticity of the villages, Buddhist Gompas (monastery) and Chortens, but also facing the grandeur of the Himalayan landscapes of this Tibetan enclave. In addition to the comfort of a solid accommodation during nights in lodge or homestay, you will discover the warm and generous welcome of the “Lo-Ba”, Tibetan ethnic group.

Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu (8,163m), the literal eighth highest peak of the world offers you wonderful trip to explore your dreams and view the idyllic region of Nepal. If you love exhilarate trip definitely Manaslu circuit can be remedy for thrill seeking  trekkers which combines incredible spectacular views with approach into the culture of the surrounding region. Our trek passes through Manaslu Conservation Area, so we need to take special permission to rich in our destination. This region is not crowded comparison to other treks. Hence, our entire journey will be peaceful, invigorating and self- realization. You will surely forget all your exhaustion, after reaching to the lap of marvelous Mt. Manaslu. This magnificent trip will make your journey indelible throughout the life. This, 17 days amazing trek will take you on a mesmerizing journey across captivating vistas of lofty snow-white peaks, exotic scenery, undefined virgin beauty of Himalaya Mountains, splendid forests, dazzling glaciers, wonderful monasteries. Our journey begins from Kathmandu; spend a night before embedding all the panoramic views. Our extensive itinerary of the Manaslu circuit is 17 days long. From your arrival at the airport, until your departure, we will guide you around here.

Langtang Valley

Langtang Valley Trek is one of the best and famous treks in Nepal. Extraordinary Himalayan vistas and dazzling views of glaciers, and verdant forest, wonderful flora and fauna like vulture, monkey (Langur), genuine cultural trek Langtang is situated at the north of Kathmandu valley which offers you wonderful trip to explore your dreams and view the idyllic region of Nepal.  Our journey will be easy and comfortable comparison to other treks in Nepal.

This mesmerizing 13 days trek begin from Kathmandu after some hour’s drive, you will reach along Tibetan border and enter in a protected area called Langtang National Park. Consequently, the trail treks you through rice paddies, miraculous rhododendron forests, Tamang villages, rich in culture, Yak pastures and amazing views of Langtang Lirung (7246m), Yala Peak (5500m) or Langshisha Ri (6370m) will fill your heart with utter bliss. Langtang Valley gives you a different perspective regarding peaks and valleys of Nepal. Also, it presents you with an overwhelming sight of the Langtang Glacier. Our entire journey will be peaceful, invigorating and self realization. You will surely forget all your tiredness, after reaching to the lap of marvelous Mt. Langtang. This wonderful trip will make your journey unforgettable throughout the life.

Everest Moon

The Himalayas of Nepal hosts sanction to some of the tallest peaks of the world, including the tallest mountain, Mount Everest. These majestic mountains offers many adventurous attractions to anyone who wishes to experience the snow capped mountains. Even if you are not into mountain climbing, you can get up close and personal to these peaks from a trekking expedition. There are many amazing trekking packages which are highly travel intensive, and is focused towards a safe, yet exhilarating trek taking you as close to those mountains as possible, without having to do any climbing. This specific tre, Everest Moon will take you on a magical journey to the foot of Mt Everest. The tour to Kalapatthar (5,550m) will take a total of 20 days and will be an experience that you will never forget. Traveling from the capital, Kathmandu, we will fly to Lukla where the trek will commence. From there, we will walk for 5-8 hours daily and rest on the following village ares in lodges. We will be visiting tourist hotspots like Gokyo River, Cho-La pass, Gorakshep, on our way to Kalapathar. The trek up to Kalapatthar will take 12 days. After camping at the foot of Everest, we make the descent down which will take another 8-9 days to reach back to the capital. The trek will ensure the utmost safety and convenience of the travelers.

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