Social Works

Nepal Come is a truly unique travel company unlike any other. Other companies have the main objective of generating profit revenue for their benefit, with some exclusions of non-profit organization. Although being a private organization, we tend to set our focus not only in revenue earning, but also various other. Nepal is a developing nation. Although a perfect travel destination, there are some major issues in regards to development and the environment.

We firmly believe that if we as citizens of the nation work together then we can help for the development of our country. Thus, we have taken this matter into great consideration and focus on the betterment of these issues as well. In other terms, besides working to generate considerable revenue, we also helps with funding, and donations to aid with various humanitarian and environmental problems. We conduct awareness programs, charity events and fundraisers for various causes.

Humanitarian Work

Social work
Our Social Work
  • Sanitary education programs in the rural area, and distributions of sanitary items.
  • Motivational and empowering for underprivileged people in terms of status uplifting, and making them financially capable, and about education, and public health.
  • Providing scholarships for orphans, and to those who deserve them.
  • Organizing free health camps in rural communities for the people residing far from any type of medical support.

Environmental Support

  • Waste collection and management along the trekking routes, and high mountain areas.
  • Organize waste management training in schools and residence areas.
  • Tree plantation programs in rural areas where the land is barren.
  • Installing information boards in hiking trails, and places where they are needed.

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